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Here at Ocean View Chiropractic, our caring and professional chiropractic therapy staff is eager to assist you throughout your care. We feel that providing a superior level of care to our patients is more than important; it is mandatory. Our friendly and helpful chiropractic therapy office staff team is dedicated to not only treatment of symptoms and pain management but to finding the overall cause of the problem and eliminating it at the source. Correcting this root cause is the biggest step in allowing your body to function at its optimum level. We are here to provide you all of the latest techniques in chiropractic care and massage therapy to get you better faster.

Our Massage Therapists

Our caring and professional massage therapy staff are here to assist you throughout your care. They provide deep tissue massage therapy and therapeutic stretching based on a massage prescription plan formulated by the doctor to cater to your specific needs. Massage combined with chiropractic therapy assists in relaxing the muscle tension and easing the discomfort of the muscle strain caused from having your spine out of alignment.


Chiropractic Therapy, Karen Holliday - Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy

Karen Holliday

Certified Massage Therapist


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